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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Is it possible to unlock s5 without unlock code?

Gone are those days when customers just had to accept whatever the company was selling or in whatever stage the company is selling. This implies locked and unlocked phones. Quite obvious to this statement is locked phones were and are a mess mostly for the people who travel a lot outside their country’s border as other carrier network will not work in different countries. This created a mess as then people had to buy new sim card every time they went to a new place. Moreover all sim cards were also not supportable in all handsets.

Therefore, then came in unlocked phones or the various methods to unlock phone which then eased out life of many people. Unlocking has made the world of smart phone using much more simpler. It not only helps to use your with different carrier networks, but also provides with a lot of added benefits to ease your phone using. Today you can either by an unlocked version of your handset or unlock it manually. Now if you want to go ahead for buying an unlocked phone you have to spend some more from your pocket as you must have spent for buying an unlocked. But if there is con there has to be pro for the same. It is that if you buy a phone that is already unlocked, you don’t need to spend hours to unlock your phone. Plus you can simply use the benefits very easily, you will already get an updated version and you will have a lot of space in your phone.

There are a lot of many methods to unlock your Samsung galaxy s5 other than the unlock code method:

  •         Carrier unlocking

This method requires some effort of the owner as for this you need to contact your carrier services and ask them to unlock your phone. Obviously this sounds a little long and hard process but it is an alternative for unlocking code method
  •          Software unlocking

This means that you need to download a piece of software in your computer and then transfer it to your cell phone using a USB cable. The software changes some configuration of your phone so that is accessible to any network at any place.

  •        IMEI unlocking

This is one of the safest methods among all methods. As it is IMEI stands for INTERNATIONAL MOBILE EQUIPMENT IDENTIFIER. This something that is unique to every handset. Every Samsung manufacture has a huge database of these IMEIs. So when you request for this methods, you basically tell them to changes your phone status from “locked” to “unlocked”.

Unlocking your Samsung galaxy s5 with all these methods will let you enjoy a very convenient smart phone usage, will give your phone a long life, will help your phone from not hanging up more and will make your travel work more easy as then you will not have to worry about changing handsets every time you travel to a new place.

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