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The importance of a good thumbnail

We live in a content driven world, where on a daily basis we listen to, read and watch content. Whether it is blogs, news websites or listening to podcasts, or simply watching videos, it has become an integral part of our lives. It is something which we have been doing on a daily basis, for the past few years.
Content creation is also relatively easy as most smartphones today are capable of filming some of the best videos you can shoot. The rise in technology, the increase in internet access all mean that nowadays anyone and everyone can make videos and easily upload it. Although everyone seeks viral success, there is no set method or recipe to attain such popularity. You might get lucky with an upload or so, but the most important key to success in the video making and content making sphere, is the consistency.
The quality of your videos and the effort you put will help you garner followers in the long run. While there is no exact formula to viral videos, the best you can do is keep …

Is it possible to unlock s5 without unlock code?

Gone are those days when customers just had to accept whatever the company was selling or in whatever stage the company is selling. This implies locked and unlocked phones. Quite obvious to this statement is locked phones were and are a mess mostly for the people who travel a lot outside their country’s border as other carrier network will not work in different countries. This created a mess as then people had to buy new sim card every time they went to a new place. Moreover all sim cards were also not supportable in all handsets.

Therefore, then came in unlocked phones or the various methods to unlock phone which then eased out life of many people. Unlocking has made the world of smart phone using much more simpler. It not only helps to use your with different carrier networks, but also provides with a lot of added benefits to ease your phone using. Today you can either by an unlocked version of your handset or unlock it manually. Now if you want to go ahead for buying an unlocked pho…