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Troubleshooting Servo Motors and Stepper Motors

The investigating guide plots a complete assortment of motors issues. By and large, the classes are orchestrated by side effects offering brief proposals concerning what to search for when researching motor disappointments and frequently giving guidance on the best remedy for the issue once it has been distinguished.
Motor shuts off before reaching its maximum Speed
Motors make a humming sound (a single-phase motor) Run winding may have a loose connection – disassemble motor to make the suitable repair Run winding is torn out - motor must be replaced or rewound Over-loaded Lessen the load. Excessively low voltage. A reasonable over-load or voltage drop of 10-15% will decrease speed by just 1 to 2 percent. A report of any more drops would be objectionable. Inaccurate procedure for estimating RPM Check meter by using another gadget or process Wrong connections Not good quality capacitor

Motors Shuts off after reaching a Maximum speed
A. Over-load B. Bearings C. defective overload…

Rules to stay fit and healthy during rain at gym with Prime Fitness Gyms

Today gym is becoming the major hub for youth sometimes it because of the lifestyle they are living and sometimes to look similar to their role model in film industry and other are actually want to be fit and healthy, the reasons are many but single gym contains many dreams holding the hands of many people. The place where number of people are coming on daily basis leaving behind there sweat and germs so what are the step need to taken by the gym to keep the environment clean and fresh and what are the steps need to undertaken by the people coming there.
Things need to done by gym: ·Smell fresh: as the most common odor coming from the gym is sweat, sweat is natural while anyone working out no one has a control on it but things like air freshener, scented candles, air purifier are needed to take care for this as everyone wants to come at the place which smells great each and every moment of the day. ·Clean: dirt is the repetitive problem of every gym, dirt which can be entered from a tiny…