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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Water Park- An exciting place for entertainment

Do you want to have fun in the water? If so, then water park is the right place for you. It is an establishment that consists of water play areas where one can do various fun activities. Some of its interesting features includes- water playgrounds, water slides, recreational bathing, splash pads, barefoot  environments, swimming and much more. Some of the more advance water park is well equipped with artificial surfing or bodyboarding environment such as a wave pool or flowrider. You can also find food courts in such place where visitors can dine and have their favorite foods. The water park is also known as an amusement park.

Water park can be a perfect place for having fun and relaxation for you and your entire member of the family. You have the chance to play with water and do all types of fun activities available. You can splash water and swim around in the pool and then sit back and relax while listening to your favorite musics and read magazines or any other books. For ladies, they have a great opportunity to have their own fun too. They can apply the sunscreen lotion on their body and take a sunbath. Kids can go for every ride that is available in the park. You can continue to have fun until you feel too tired.

Summer season is the best time for visiting the water park. As the day is clear and bright, and you can play with water to cool yourself. But what if you also want to have fun during the monsoon and winter season? The water becomes too cold during winter and you hardly can touch it. During the monsoon, the heavy rain forced you to stay indoors. It's obvious, in such a scenario, you won't able to enjoy. But as you know, science and technology have delivered significant results in the developmental works almost in every field that have led to the change in the way people live today. The case goes here too, if you really want to have fun during monsoon and winter season, then visit an indoor water park. Science and technology have taken a good care for the fun loving people even to enjoy in those two seasons too.

The first ever indoor aqua park was built in a big shopping mall called West Edmonton Mall in the city of Edmonton, Canada in the year 1985. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. The water park has been named Canadian World Waterpark and today it is still the largest indoor waterpark on the planet with a size of over 817,800 sq ft (75,980 m2). The idea of building this massive structure was quite simple. The Canadian World Waterpark wants to provide the visitors to have fun all round the year in any season. Since, Edmonton city has many rainy days in a year, so developing this project has benefited many water park lovers. This amazing park includes some of the most amazing features such as the world's largest indoor wave pool, tube rides, water slides of varying degrees, hot tubs and bungee jumping.

Since the success of Canadian World Waterpark, this type of amusement park has become very popular in many countries, it first gained popularity in the United States of America and then spread in many European countries. Today, several countries have built such structures for the people. Tropical Islands Resort, which is located in Germany, is on the second spot in the list of largest indoor aqua park in the universe. It has an area of 2,10,000 sq feet.

This massive structure has a maximum capacity of over 6,000 visitors in a single day. According to the reports by the operators of the park, the number of visitors in the first year of operation was 9,75,000. According to the annual reports published by the Tanjong company,  Tropical Islands Resort had 1,55,000 visitors in the business year between February 2004 and February 2005. The park employs approximately 500 workers.
Some of the popular theme areas of Tropical Islands Resort includes- The Tropical Village, The Rainforest, The Tropical Sea and The Bali Lagoon. Since its inception, there has been a number of other developments too. They have built children's play area, sauna and spa facility and many more.

Now, you may be wondering about the entry fee of the water price. Every park has its own fee structure. Different parks charges differently. Most park charges on hourly basis. The price may also range depending on the age of the visitors. For example- The entry price for the children can be lower than those of adults. Some parks, even offer family or group packages. Also, you may find changes in the price structure depending on the season and the day. For instance- Most water park charges more during the peak i.e., during Summer time than during the off season. The charges might also be more on weekends than the regular days.

No doubt, there are lots of fun areas out there. You can have spend a quality time with your friends, family or love ones. However, there are some precaution that you need to take. One should be very careful while playing in the water rides. Accidents may occur and can cause severe injuries. Especially the small kids need to be taken care off very much. One should know their limits in the water. If a person doesn't know to swim, it is recommended to wear a life jacket and don't go to deep water that goes over the head. And it would be better for the person to swim and go on rides with someone rather than alone. Also, remember that whenever you are going for a water ride, your feet should come down first and your face up. So that you slide down properly and your both head and neck would be protected.

The water in the pool is not drinkable. So, try to avoid those water getting into your mouth if possible. Any intake of that water may have harmful effects on your health.

So, if you are looking for spending good time and enjoy, visit the best water park in the town today.

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