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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Importance of Environment and our responsibility towards it

The environment is a neglected thing; when we compare to its value it is vital for human survival and has a direct impact on human lives. It is hard to imagine our life without the natural resources. To save these resources and spread awareness among people world environment day is celebrated on 5 June every year.

Every year has a special theme or slogan to raise the awareness among people and the theme for this year was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” this theme symbolizes that the consumption of natural resources is increasing and this consumption needs to be kept in control for the survival of this planet. The world environment day (WED) event was hosted by Italy this year. There was a positive buzz for this on the social media and the role of this medium cannot be ignored as it is the fastest medium to spread any kind of news or awareness. People are actively involved with this medium and, for this reason, its importance is immense.

There have been many efforts to raise the awareness among people and take positive actions to save the environment. We are highly dependent on the natural resources for our day to day life and in case these resources are depleted, our survival will become difficult and for this purpose the use of natural resources needs to be done with caution.

Celebrities have come forward and have helped in causing global awareness as so many people follow the footsteps of their stars, many organizations are working hard for this purpose. Events are organized very regularly to increase the awareness of the environment among people. These events, mainly include special things for saving the planet and its natural resources. Tree plantation is one of the most crucial things that helps in protecting the environment, Trees have multiple benefits and for this purpose the tree plantation is one of the most significant and simplest of things that can be done to conserve our planet. The highly usefulness of plants is something that makes them of extreme use; trees are significant in so many ways and this increases their value and role in protecting the planet.

Small things combine together to leave a substantial impact on something, and this is the case with the environment as well. Saving the natural resources by using them smartly without any kind of wastage holds the key. Recycling is something that has shown some boost in the recent past, but to make a considerable impact it needs to be done on a larger level. Over consumption is the biggest concern and it is something that is easy to solve if we all follow certain rules while making use of any natural resources. The earth has a limit in which it can produce the natural resources and we all need to understand this limit.

There are so many activities of our daily routine that have a direct impact on the environment and steps need to be taken at the earliest to make sure that these things are controlled at the right time. These steps will secure that there is a better future in store for us and the generations to come.

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